At BDL we are fully committed to taking every step to help mitigate the impact of the products we sell on the environment.

If you have an HP Printer:

Register for the HP Planet Partners Programme to recycle your HP Cartridges for free – above.

If you have a TOSHIBA Printer:

Toshiba do not offer a free collection service – you can take your used cartridges to Warehouse Stationery for recycling.

Toshiba do offer a paid recycling service $7.50  for the collection box and $7.50 per courier pick up.

Contact us on 0800650224 if you would like to register for the paid service.


We couldn’t say it better than HP do in their latest videos explaining whats behind the term “Sustainable Impact”:

Easy doesn’t do it

Easy doesn’t solve our most pressing problems or push us forward.

Because choosing easy over right or saying “yes” to what’s comfortable or convenient  is what got us here in the first place.

If history has taught us anything its that making claims is one thing, but making change is another.





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