Everyone wants to reduce the costs in running their business but with so many options it can get really confusing. What are the real advantages of leasing this kind of equipment? There are a lot of options on the market that seem cost effective but can really add up in the long run. Often it seems a cheap and easy option to buy a printer off the shelf only to find the inks are really expensive and its just too much like hard work to even get the thing hooked up.

Most people do lease their equipment and this is why:

1. No up front costs

The total outlay of paying cash for your office printer (or printers) is significant, depending on the quality and functions you need for your business applications. You may need more than one printer along with specialist document management software or other integrated solutions. Opting to lease the equipment over a 3, 4 or 5 year term reduces these costs to a manageable monthly overhead. Other than the first month’s rental, your cash reserves can be kept for other purposes.

2. Keep up with Technology

As with all technology, printer technology also changes rapidly, offering better efficiency and features all the time. Replacing this kind of equipment every few years is a regular large outlay. With a good lease in place you will be able to upgrade your equipment just a few years into your term and will usually have the flexibility to add other equipment to it as often as needed, with the ongoing certainly of similar monthly expenditure.

3. Support

All our leased equipment is also on an all-inclusive Service Contract. This means that your toner, ink and on-site servicing and mechanical repairs are all included in your running costs. When you buy a printer all repairs and maintenance are an additional cost every time there is a breakdown. A maintenance on a colour printer can run into several thousand dollars. Toners or inks are also included in the monthly charges, a full set of toners for one printer can be over $1000.

4. Its really easy

At BDL we work hard to tailor a solution which meets your needs – we offer a ‘single invoice’ where the both the lease costs and the meter costs of the equipment are all included on one monthly invoice. And if you need service – well you just call us locally and we’ll either fix your machine by remote session or we’ll send one of our friendly Field Techs to your site. This will be done within 4 hours of logging your call. Opt to set up a DD and the invoice will also be paid painlessly, leaving you to just get on with running your business.


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