Sign up and logging a service call instructions

Service calls can be entered from the Customer Portal.
Please bookmark this page e-Info Customer Portal or copy and paste the link below into a browser:

  • After entering the Portal this Sign Up/Log in page will appear

Sign up instructions

  • First, please get your Customer Account number from an Invoice or Statement
  • Note If the equipment you look after is at a different location from your main office your location will likely have a separate number. Please make contact either by emailing or phone 0800 650224 to obtain your Location number.
    Signing up using your Location number means only the Equipment at your location will be presented which makes logging a service call simpler
  • Anyone in your organisation who makes service calls can register
  • This screen will be presented

  • Enter your email address
  • Then your first name, surname and contact phone number
  • Select the ‘I KNOW MY COMPANY NUMBER’ tab – remember that you will need to ask for your location number if you work at a different physical location from your main office
  • Enter your Customer Account numberĀ (shown on invoices and statements for your main office) or your Location number if your work at a different physical location
  • Enter and Confirm the Password you wish to use
  • Now select Next (top or bottom right)
  • Successful registration will present this page

How to log a service call

Log into the Portal using the email address and password you registered with

  • The New Service call page will appear – the video will change from time to time

  • The Switch Location button can be used if your Location number was not used at Signup – this is not recommended as it complicates the process a bit more
  • Organisations that have a dedicated contact person at each physical Location address should register using their Location number.
  • Select New Service call
  • Then select on the next screen
  • This lists the Equipment at the Location address

  • Either scroll through the list, if multiple machines, and select the one you are making the service call for
  • OR select the Search for Equipment/Item button then enter its ID number (ID numbers are labelled on the Equipment’s front cover)

Next step

  • After selecting the Equipment (printer/copier)
  • Scroll down to the optional Purchase order number field
  • Then scroll down to the Description panel
  • Enter the fault or describe the problem briefly

  • Now select Save at top or bottom right


What happens now?

The service call is automatically entered into our Service console.

The service Administrator will assign the next available Technician to the call.

Technicians receive service calls on their Smart Phones, this saves travel time

As the technician will often be on another service call, one will attend to your call as soon as they are free

The system emails you advising when to expect them and the Technicians name.


With thanks

From your Technical Service team

Any issues please phone 0800 650224 or email

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