Todd is  a Field Service Technician based in Christchurch. You may have him visit you at your workplace to get that printer sorted with a smile. Todd loves getting out of town too and is always happy to get out on the road and fix faults at some of our more distant Customers on the West Coast or in Otago. Another multi skilled member of the BDL Service Team, Todd has been growing his skills and can install equipment as well.

How long have you been with BDL?

Around 5 years now.

What did you do prior to that?

Prior to working here I was working as a sales rep for a major gas company but found it wasn’t for me. Before that I was a Field Service Technician which I absolutely loved and found I needed to get back doing what I enjoy rather than clock watching somewhere I would prefer not to be.

What’s a typical day like?

A typical day for me is predominantly visiting customer sites and diagnosing any issues which they may be having with their copier and resolving said issue. Other times I will be performing scheduled maintenances to keep the customers copier performing at it’s highest capabilities. The things I like most about my job is that every single day is completely different from the last, it might seem repetitive only dealing with photocopiers but there are so many different models out there and each model has it’s own little quirks which can sometimes present some rather challenging tasks to overcome. Other aspects I like about my job is never being stuck in the same place, an office job where being stuck behind a desk from 9 to 5 after having the freedom of what my role provides would drive me crazy. Getting to meet so many friendly people on a daily basis is always incredibly fun.

What’s fun fact about you?

A fun little fact about me is I have always wanted to be a police officer, ever since I was a child I have wanted to be a cop but then I also loved tinkering. Pulling anything I could get my hands on apart, seeing how it worked and attempting to put it back together in working condition (it didn’t always work but safe to say I’ve gotten much better at my skills over the years haha) which is why I love my job much as really I get to tinker with big fancy electronics all day long.

And actually I trained in Graphics & love photography (and my dogs!).

What do you like most about working for BDL?

The tight knit family feel of BDL is hands down my favourite aspect. The friendships between staff members is unmatched of any other company I’ve worked for and the bonds been made between colleagues, no matter what status or position, far exceed what I’ve previously experienced. Like all family’s we have had the odd disagreement but as everyone is so close it’s incredibly easy and comfortable to work through and resolve any issues that may arise without any negative feelings towards one another

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