Buying good quality paper, handling and storing it properly will help you avoid the waste and annoyance of paper jams.

To help prevent jams and maintain the best print quality, it is important to protect the printer paper from damage caused by improper handling, storage or extremes in temperature and humidity. Follow these guidelines for handling and storing the paper you use in your printer.

1. Use paper that meets the printer’s specifications

Before you buy paper, review the paper-handling specifications for your printer (or just ask us!) and then make sure that you purchase paper that matches those specifications. Buying good quality paper will save money and waste in the long run by significantly reducing the potential for jamming. Yes – we will always try and sell you our paper as it is the best quality for best results in our printers. Ask us – we are experts!

2. Store printer paper in a controlled environment

Store your printer paper in an enclosed space that is flat, dry, and easily accessible at room temperature. Store the paper at room temperature and at a relative humidity of 45% to 55%.

Keep away from doors, windows, and vents. Avoid storing paper and print media near heating and air conditioning vents, or near windows and doors that are used frequently. The temperature and humidity fluctuations near these areas could damage the paper. Store the paper on a flat surface, preferably in a cabinet or on a shelf. Do not store paper on uneven surfaces, like the top of the printer or the edge of a table. This can adversely affect the physical properties of the paper and cause poor print quality, paper jams, or paper pick issues.

3. Store the paper in its original package until it is ready for use

The package helps prevent the paper from being torn, wrinkled, folded or otherwise damaged. It also protects the paper’s specified moisture content, weight, and other physical characteristics.

4. Reseal after opening

When you open the paper package and do not use all the paper, be sure to reseal the package with tape. This protects the paper from environmental factors and also prevents dust from accumulating on the paper, which can cause the printer to pick up more than one sheet at a time.

5. 3 month rule

As a general rule, do not purchase more paper than you can use in three months. Paper that is stored for long periods of time can suffer damage by extended exposure to the environment.

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