With business sustainability and environmental concerns at the forefront of our mind, in 2019 BDL made a commitment to start converting our vehicle fleet to electric powered vehicles.

For fleet use, we need reliable vehicles with good electric range & high quality finishes to withstand heavy daily use – at a sensible price tag. We found many models available overseas are not freely available in New Zealand or have to be pre-ordered with lengthy lead times.

After a lot of research we opted for one fully electric vehicle, our Volkswagen e-golf. For the second vehicle we opted for an Audi A3 e-tron Plug-in Hybrid.

We are exited about upgrading the rest of our fleet as they come up for renewal.

VW e-golf

With excellent build quality and styling, the VW e-Golf well and truly delivers the durability required by a fleet vehicle at a more reasonable price than alternatives. With real world range about 240kms on a single charge & excellent regeneration capabilities (recharge from braking), the e-Golf has exceeded our expectations. Its also a pleasure to drive. John Clement, our Field Connectivity Specialist, who spends his days out and about installing equipment has been blown away by the e-Golf. He admits to having a experienced a little “range anxiety” to start with, but soon fell in love with the clean, quiet ride of the e-Golf.

Purchased from our friends at Miles Continental Christchurch –  Joe Altabano.

BDL – Proud to support local business.

Audi A3 e-tron

Plug-in Hybrids (PHEV’s) are a less well understood option when looking at improving fleet choices, but can also work very well in improving efficiency and markedly reduce emissions. The Audi A3 e-tron offers around 40km full electric driving on one charge. With an afternoon top up, Bill can easily drive around 80km in fully electric mode per day. With good charging management, this easily meets daily round town driving requirements. If an out of town trip is needed, the super efficient petrol engine is at hand. Bill Bird, our Technical Manager loves his new e-tron which delivers superior quality, handling and the unequalled reliability of Audi.

Purchased from our friends at Archibalds Christchurch – Greg Young.

BDL -Proud to support local business.

Evnex 22kw Charge Point

Charge Points proved to be another learning curve. We initially installed an 11KW charger manufactured overseas which was recommended by an installer. After further research before installing another charger, we found Evnex who design and manufacture their units right here in Christchurch. With their excellent CP Link software, we can manage and track exactly what it costs to charge the vehicles.  With these chargers installed at work both cars can be fully charged in a few hours or just get plugged in for a top up any time while the cars are parked at the office. So range is no concern with either vehicle.

Purchased from our friends at Evnex – Ed Harvey and his excellent team.

BDL – Proud to support local business.

“When I first heard BDL were looking to replace our petrol work vehicles with Electric ones, I couldn’t wait to be onboard with this green initiative. In a role that involves a bit of travel I would often cringe at the amount of petrol being burnt into the atmosphere…and that was just the vehicle I was driving! I have to admit, I did have the dreaded “range anxiety” often talked about with EV’s, however I am realising this was unfounded. With a range of 240 kms per charge and easy access to rapid chargers via work, or charge stations, I can only grin as I drive past petrol stations only wishing more vehicles on our roads were zero emission too. 

My car is a fully electric VW e-golf. It has proven to be a great car to drive, smooth and so quiet! Yet has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a petrol vehicle. 

As an employee spending a  lot of time driving to and from client sites, I wouldn’t want to look back. I am proud to be part of this leading initiative and look forward to a greener future for all of us.”

John Clement – BDL Field Connectivity Specialist

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