People often buy a little A4 printer for the perceived convenience of it. Buy it, take it home, plug it in and it all works perfectly….

And often these printers are a great option for a home office environment where you don’t do too much printing.

As your business grows you may find you are starting to do a bit more printing and you’re having to buy the ink or toner cartridges more and more regularly so those costs are creeping up. Similarly if you are doing a bit higher colour coverage on a page, a small retail printer may not be the most efficient choice for you.

In general an A3 printer will be faster, provide better print quality and be cheaper for you to run over time.

With a service contract to cover all your toners/inks, on-site maintenance and mechanical breakdowns – as well as our friendly, local BDL phone support team at your disposal – opting for the full package becomes the easiest and most convenient option for many situations.


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