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SNAP – Student Notebook Access Program

In 1990 Toshiba Australia led a classroom revolution by offering a one-to-one Notebook program for secondary schools and nearly 20 years later the campaign has grown from strength to strength.

Tens of thousands of public and private students have taken advantage of the SNAP program and Toshiba continues to help transform the education landscape.

The program is designed to address all the requirements for student life including purpose-built education notebooks with shock mounted hard drives and spill resistant keyboards, all wrapped up in a rugged laptop bag and complete with onsite warranty.

Toshiba has spent the last twenty years understanding the education market in Australia and designing products to meet the toughest computing environment – high school!

Each year, Toshiba engage with educators from leading institutions around the country to design the next generation of products, looking out to the future, identifying trends and developing a product that will yield superior learning outcomes based on performance, durability and functionality.

Toshiba’s SNAP program has been widely accepted by both public and private schools as the industry benchmark for mobile computing in secondary education.

All these features lead to an engaging computer experience allowing teachers and students to achieve superior educational outcomes.